How to upload CCcam.cfg and CCcam.prio into Dreambox 800HD ( Enigma2 )

Use an FTP program and editor to connect to your Dreambox and navigate to the ./var/etc directory. A suitable editor is DCC which can be downloaded from our site here. Start the DCC and follow the creen shot below   You install the files cccam.cfg and cccam.prio in the etc directory.

How To Load CCcam.cfg Card Sharing Into Skybox/Openbox HD Satellite Decoder Using Thumbdrive

There are ways to load CCcam.cfg card sharing account for Dreambox using FTP and CCcam.cfg Editor, which is suitable for beginner. If you wonder how you can perform the same on OpenBox, or Skybox S9, a HD (High Definition) capable satellite decoder that have been widely dubbed as a replacement for a more relatively expensive… READ MORE