HOW TO : secure your Dreambox

Don’t Risk that your Dreambox get Hacked. These are 2 points that you have to do and be Secure. A ) Change the default Dreambox Password (dreambox) . 1. From the PC Keyboard go START/RUN. 2. Type: cmd.exe and click on OK. 3. Type this Command Prompt: telnet Dreambox_IP and press Enter (example: telnet 4…. READ MORE

How To: Dreambox Image Install With FlashWizard Program

Dreambox Image Install With FlashWizard Pro 1. Extract Flashwizard Pro to a folder of your Choice. 2. Start Flashwizard with the FlashwizardPro.exe. 3. Click the configuration tab and select you language 4. On the same page you’ll need to fill in the Connection Parameters at the top of the page 5. If you have not… READ MORE

Download A channel List with Dreamboxedit

You can rearrange the channels on your Dreambox to make them easier to navigate but why bother when someone else has already done this for you? This quick guide will have you up and running with a new channel list in a few minutes. 1. Download dreamboxedit from as a zip file 2. Extract… READ MORE